In reality, that it insufficient accuracy is found in almost every other ministries directly aimed that have Chuck Missler – such as

In reality, that it insufficient accuracy is found in almost every other ministries directly aimed that have Chuck Missler – such as

At Christian Media, we’ve repeatedly lamented how Rapture Cult teachers routinely refer to the so called “144,000 Jews” of Revelation – when the text plainly speaks of 144,000 “of all the tribes of the children of Israel” (Revelation 7:4) – including 12,000 of the tribe of Judah. In the world, which booked Missler every year at a key prophecy conference.

A current article, published because of the Rapture Cultist Costs Perkins, integrated next declaration, in regards to the evangelism after the heading pre-tribulational Rapture:

“In addition to fantastic purveyors of your Gospel might possibly be none other than Jews! 144,000 Jews will be provided instantaneous Holy Soul lighting” (, Spring season 2011).

Ergo, easily realize Chuck Missler’s frequent admonitions which focus on “the necessity for precision” in the studying the Scriptures, and you may notice exactly how Jesus Themselves split up our house off Israel with the the 2 properties from Israel and you can Judah (Jeremiah , Zechariah 8:13, Ezekiel , etc), I have to have a hidden anti-Semitic move!

Talking about Missler’s pronouncements for the “the need for precision,” for many years he enunciated grossly inaccurate statements and therefore had a tendency to serve his or her own agenda. In connection with this, one of his favorite tactics is actually wide spread to individuals that propagate another gospel of your own Rapture Cult.

New like pernicious dispute under consideration aims when deciding to take what exactly is constantly known as philosophy out of imminency, and associate they to the pre-tribulation Rapture. Further, in an effort to make an effort to legitimatize new doctrine owing to altered citations down because of history, Missler carefully slants their statements to mean that any historical Christian profile which asked god anytime, should have been an excellent Rapturist!

historicism for many centuries. This is the eschatological system which equates prophetic days with past years – so the 1,260 days of tribulation in Revelation were counted as 1,260 years, which were usually believed to be almost completed.

Dozens of such as historicist adherents saw work from Pope once the new Antichrist, and you may almost all of those saw the latest step 1,260 many years as being near end inside their day. Hence, as they thought new tribulation is actually almost more, they’d a forthcoming expectation of Christ’s go back.


Chuck Missler are well known when deciding to take citations off instance experts, indicating they had an impending assumption out-of Christ’s return, then saying one shows this person try pre-tribulationist inside attitude at that time as time passes – thereby seeking to inform you the newest Rapture Cult was not a somewhat previous development.

Making use of instance author’s rates such an intentionally inaccurate way is extremely diabolical, nonetheless it reveals the new intellectual dishonesty out of Chuck Missler, as he is actually captain among those who practice eg ideas.

Now multiply that it swindle by the number of prophecy data inside the ministry who’ve acquired education angelreturn Review thru Chuck Missler’s “private briefings,” and you have an exponential expansion regarding broadcast hosts, publication writers, and you can church preachers regurgitating wrong listing of leaders about many years, which allegedly educated pre-trib.

To make matters tough, as the Falling-away favors the official sponsored provided tombs which have certified 501c(3) position, people who understand details was shrinking for the amounts, because of the cumulative financial clout on the cloud from untrue witnesses.

Literate Christians remember that an enormous muscles regarding Protestant Religious editors and you may preachers accepted

Anecdotally talking, just like the we regularly come across the newest evangelical priestcraft of one’s Rapture Cult, we frequently acknowledge not the case statements being help with that began that have Chuck Missler, thus their really works are, and you may continues to be, a veritable fountainhead away from false prophecy.

One of the more popular arguments in favor of the Jewish Supremacism of Chuck Missler is related to the typology found in the Jewish tradition of betrothal and marriage. Steadily moving closer to the Hebrew Roots movement, Missler placed great emphasis on Jewish tradition, as he saw it as a similitude of his Rapture Cult dount of time on the subject.

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